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Just as every property is unique, so too is every buyer.

As your buyers advocate, it’s not only our role but our responsibility to ensure we meet your individual objectives.

So whether you’re a property novice buying your first home, an expat re-entering the local market or an investor building (your portfolio) your self-managed super fund, we can help.

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is often exciting, sometimes daunting but always a learning experience! Understanding agent jargon, getting the right financial and legal advice, and knowing what and where to buy can create frustration and overwhelm.

We get it! We’ll work side by side with you to make sure you understand every step of the way, from start to sold!


Moving to a bigger or better home is often a decision made at the eleventh hour, when someone finally says ‘Enough!’ Once you’ve made the decision, finding your new home can’t happen too soon!

If your next property purchase is about improving your quality of life, we can help you find one that satisfies your new needs, with a transition that’s smooth and stress free.


Once your current home becomes more of a burden than a haven and you decide to downsize, a feeling of overwhelm can arise. It’s understandable, we often become very attached to our homes and everything in them and it may have been years, even decades, since the last move!

We can help you find an easier to maintain property that supports your desired lifestyle, save you time and money, and reduce the anxiety that comes with moving.


Securing a property for investment is a strategic business decision. But whilst it may be more pragmatic than emotional, it’s still time consuming – and we all know time is money!

We can help you source the right type of property for your investment portfolio in a location with good prospects for rental yield and capital growth. Drawing on the latest knowledge and understanding of market indicators, we’ll manage the buying process with maximum efficiency (and you can claim Buyer Marketing’s fee as a tax deduction).

Interstate Buyers

Whether you’re relocating or looking to invest, buying interstate property can be a daunting prospect. Travelling to inspect the properties is time consuming and expensive with no guarantee of success, whilst purchasing from an online ad means relying on often deceiving photography. It’s a no-win situation!

Add to this the variability of market conditions, affordability and rental yields between states and it’s not hard to see why having an expert on the ground makes all the difference.

Expats and Overseas Buyers

If you’ve been living outside Australia for some time, or are looking to invest in the Australian market, securing a property from offshore is challenging. From working across different time zones to foreign investment limitations and local regulations, it can be hard to make a confident, informed decision.

There’s simply no substitute for personal inspection and local knowledge. We’ll inspect, strategically assess and advise you on each property to provide the same level of certainty you’d feel if you’d inspected the properties yourself.

Executives & Professionals

The time poor professional may sound cliché, but there’s no denying many people now lead such busy lives they simply don’t have time to devote to property hunting.

We understand that your time is better spent doing what you do best. And as an experienced buyers advocate who buy property every day, securing your ideal home or investment is what we do best.



    “Thank-you Peter for your professional help in purchasing 1 Princess Street Richmond, all settled first meal on the floor. Thank you so much for your help in getting us our little dream home, wouldn’t have happened without you! Kind regards, Jon & Nic.”

    J Tyler & N Garland, Richmond


    “Peter’s professionalism in assisting us buying our house was invaluable. As someone who does not like “swimming with the sharks”, I was very happy with the way Peter engaged the Vendor agent and brought the purchase to fruition quickly and painlessly. For us it was money well spent.”

    N & C Croft, Croydon


    “My experience with Peter was that he was easy to deal with, motivated and excited by the chase! He helped streamline the process and take the stress out of bidding at auction!”

    F Newman, Northcote

  • R Stock & J Beltz, Fitzroy - Buyer Marketing


    “Peter Fox helped us buy a property in Fitzroy North through a process of “Expressions of Interest”. He was very professional and made the job of purchasing the property so much easier than it would otherwise have been. I believe without Peter’s skills we wouldn’t have been successful in our purchase. I would recommend anybody buying a house to speak to Peter first.”

    R Stock & J Beltz, Fitzroy

  • C Sobieralski, Richmond - Buyer Marketing


    “It was a pleasure working with Peter Fox from Buyer Marketing. He listened attentively and researched the areas that I wanted to buy my investment home. I gave his some starting research of my own and we went together on a journey of due diligence, where it became very clear to me what my budget could afford and clarified what was not possible. Given the choices available and during negotiations and initial offers he changed my mind on going too far in price, and diverted me quickly to the best offer on hand. Once the decision was made, he told me we had to work quickly. His vast experience was evident. There were now other interested parties and he was right to urge me to move quickly and with confidence. This house was one I actually found first, and I was the first person to see this house. The value I got from Peter was the confidence that Peter and I walked the same path together and did all our research and came to the best decision and moved quickly when we had to secure the house. I would highly recommend Peter if you are looking for a Buyers Advocate, due to his many years of experience and his attention to detail, where other very high profile Buyers Advocates that I spoke to before Peter, first were not listening to my needs, were not as experienced, and had little knowledge of the areas I was interested in, as if these locations were already way too close to the city to be in my price range. Peter just worked all around.”

    C Sobieralski, Richmond

  • “I would like to state with all sincerity that Peter acted with honesty and integrity during the whole negotiating process for the purchase of my new home in Richmond hence no need to go to Auction at a very attractive price for myself. His advice and constant updates were informative and reassuring. I felt consulted and on board with all matters pertaining to my purchase. Peter is a charming and personable man. I interviewed other Buyer Advocates and felt Peter is the best in the business. He is an honest man and his integrity and due diligence was obvious to me from the start of engaging his services. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Peter to other purchasers.”

    S Clark, Richmond

  • “I want to thank you so much for the concentrated effort that you put into purchasing our new home. We have known and dealt with Peter for over 8 years. Peter has shown us through many properties and has purchased our third property, a prominent blue-stone house in Williamstown. We have always been very happy with Peter’s casually sophisticated negotiating style. Peter has always been a pleasure to deal with, a real gentleman, we look forward to dealing with Peter again whether we buy another property. Peter is our man!”

    Z Wallis, Williamstown

  • “Hello Peter, I just wanted to write a note thanking you for your professionalism in negotiating the purchase of our new home in Camberwell. We are obviously wrapped with the actual purchase of the home but we have also been impressed with your honesty, courteous and thorough disposition. We knew the house was going to move fast and to turn around a same day inspection along with all of the necessary documentation of assessments, contracts etc and be able to make a same day purchase super simple was impressive. I look forward to future transactions in expanding my Real Estate Portfolio and will be seeking your services again when I am back in the market.”

    C Rogers, Camberwell

  • “I would love to thank Peter for his prompt attention in helping us find our lovely Victorian Terrace in Richmond. Peter was extremely helpful throughout the process in finding the right property in a very competitive market place. His negotiation skills were outstanding. He in bought our property at the right price to fit our budget. We will be recommending Peter to our friends trying also to buy a property in the near future.”

    K Thompson, Richmond

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