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Buyer Marketing is a specialised strategic buyers advocate service for home buyers. Buyer Marketing’s unique strengths come from our sheer scale of experience right across the Melbourne real estate market.

Buying a home is one of the most important economic moves you can make. It’s a great opportunity. You have mustered your resources to this critical point and you have to get this purchase right. Buyer Marketing Buyer Advocates can make sure you do.

Our aim is to be an independent voice for home buyers. A voice that brings you the perspective you need and the experience you need to buy better. With our home buying strategies working for you, it puts you in a stronger position.

Our expertise gives you the edge in buying

Buyer Marketing knows all the variables that apply when buying a property. We can make accurate assessments of homes for sale. We can anticipate the strategies the Vendor or the Real Estate Agents will be using to sell a home. And we help negotiate through the buying process to constantly position our home buyer to get the best possible value and result.

Our independence provides the clear picture you need

Importantly, our non-aligned position is what makes our Buyers Advocate service so valuable. We work for your advantage only.

How we work

We start by taking a comprehensive brief about the property you are looking for. Then we conduct thorough analysis of recent sales comparable to the property you have targeted – which helps us determine if your property criteria and budget are compatible with current market conditions.

We examine properties currently on the market and using genuine past sales (not the agent’s quoted asking price) as a guide, determine what these properties are likely to sell for. Once this research is done, the search for your ideal home or investment starts!

Seeking out properties

Properties come on the market in different ways.

On Market properties are advertised and promoted in the media and usually go to auction. They are promoted in the public domain and are highly visible. These are the properties you see on major real estate internet portals like or or sites the selling real estate agent will direct you to when you make an enquiry.

But because of the volume of properties advertised and inconsistencies in how they are described and priced, it’s often the case that it can be both confusing and time consuming to do all the searching yourself.

As your Buyer Advocate, Buyer Marketing does this legwork for you, hunting down and producing a shortlist of properties that meet your criteria accurately, so you don’t waste valuable time filtering information and tracking down agents in your search for the ideal property.

Off Market Properties

Off market properties are sold without being advertised because the seller wants a ‘silent listing’. This is the quieter route to a sale. A lot of properties are sold like this, for a range of reasons, and we specialise in anticipating and knowing about them.

We search for the right kind of properties for you and evaluate them.

Many excellent properties are sold this way. Sometimes because the vendors know the property is highly desirable and will sell without being advertised. Or sometimes simply because the Real Estate Agents knows they can sell the property expediently through a Buyers Advocate. These properties bypass the usual marketing and auction process.

There are other reasons this occurs, including:

Pre-market opportunity

Agents invite other real estate industry professionals like Buyers Advocates to view the property before any campaign begins.

In-house referral

A sales agent might introduce the new listing to their property management department, inviting inspections by landlords who are clients.

Quiet sale

Sometimes a property owner just wants to sell without making it public knowledge. This may be to avoid family conflict or curious neighbours, or simply because the seller values privacy. It could be they don’t trust the auction process, or want to avoid advertising costs, or have other types of financial pressure.

Direct approach

The selling Real Estate Agent may think they’ll achieve a better sale result by approaching qualified buyers they are aware of individually, instead of advertising or selling at auction.

Evaluating a targeted home

This evaluation contains facts and figures that put the home in a sharp spotlight. But it also analyses the environment around the property, including the vendor’s circumstances, the Real Estate Agent’s own perspective and level of buyer interest.

When you have targeted a property for purchase we go to work to secure it for you with the best strategies. We’ve spent years communicating on a daily basis with selling agents and are skilled in tough negotiations. Having an expert Buyers Advocate on your side in the process makes a big difference in the final result.

Legal and Financial guidance

Unless you are very experienced the Legal and Financial process of home buying can be complex. As your Buyers Advocate we guide you through this, saving you a lot of time and effort, making sure your interests are always the No. 1 priority. And that your interests are protected and managed for the best result at every stage.

Getting the Acquisition

Once we have located and got your ideal property in our sights, we go to work securing it under the most favourable terms for you, the buyer, and of course, at the best possible price.

Successful acquisition demands direct and regular communication. And that begins from the moment we first contact the selling agent.

You may have found a property already and now need a Buyers Advocate to negotiate the best possible purchase. Or you may have had us working with you from the very beginning to find and evaluate a property. But it’s at the point of negotiation where having an expert Buyers Advocate on your side has the greatest impact on your final result.

We have years of Buyers Advocate experience working on a daily basis with Real Estate Agents and we are skilled in tough negotiations.

We thoroughly understand every technique and strategy selling agents use to satisfy vendor (and their own) objectives. The process we follow is based on tough negotiating skills we’ve developed as Buyers Advocates, working on a daily basis with selling agents over many years. So we know exactly how to protect a buyer’s interests and negotiate the best outcome for our buyer.

Bidding at Auction for you

Buying a property at auction is not something most people do every day. But in Melbourne it’s the most typical buying process.

The worry of overpaying, or of losing your nerve in the moment and missing out on your dream property can make competing at an auction seem intimidating. But auctions are not something to be afraid of.

Before the day of the auction comes we will have identified the property’s true worth, exactly what the vendor’s expectations are (including the likely reserve price), the level of buyer interest from other people in competition, and if any other Buyers Advocate may be representing them. All that’s left to do on auction day is concentrate on landing the right winning bid.

This is an environment where a Buyers Advocate really counts.

With Buyer Marketing as your Buyers Advocate you have our deep experience, knowledge and skill on your side. This adds hugely to the likelihood of being the successful bidder. We have complete understanding of the rules of public auction and your rights, and we have a range of bidding strategies that match the tactics any selling agent or auctioneer can be using.

We have actively participated in more than a thousand auctions across Melbourne, getting invaluable first-hand insights into the market, the local agents and most importantly, how to be sure that when the hammer falls, you’re going to be the one who is doing the celebrating!

Your Legal & Financial requirements carefully monitored.

Unless you are very experienced the Legal and Financial process of property buying can be complex. As your Buyers Advocate we guide you through this, saving you a lot of time and effort, making sure your interests are always the No. 1 priority. And that your interests are protected and managed for the best result at every stage.

Prior to making an offer or bidding at auction as your Buyers Advocate we ensure everything is in order not only with the Property but also with all respective sale documentation.

This includes the Contract of Sale, Section 32 Vendor’s Statement, correct measurement of the property’s boundaries, the Deposit, Building and Pest Inspection, Finance Conditions, Land Transfer Duty, Pre-Settlement Inspection, Transfer of Land, Insurance, and the Adjustment Statement. Our Buyers Advocate eye will spot any potential issues or items that need examination. As your Buyers Advocate we will assist you from start to finish.

Buyer Marketing – Melbourne’s most experienced buyer advocates are your winning edge in property buying. We specialise in home buying strategies, keeping your interests as the absolute priority and securing the right property for you, at the right price.

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