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Buyer Marketing is a specialised strategic buyers advocate service for property buyers.

With 30+ years of experience in the Melbourne real estate market Buyer Marketing Buyer Advocates unique strengths come from our sheer scale of experience right across the Melbourne real estate market.

We assist every type of buyer from: first home buyers, investors, expats, developers, upsizers and downsizers.

We are experts in searching, appraising and then negotiating the best outcome possible.

As your Melbourne Buyers Advocate we are passionate about finding the right property, about thoroughly knowing all the aspects of that property and researching that local market, and of course – making the best possible acquisition for our client(s).

Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate Guide: Buyer Marketing

Are you looking for a Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate in Melbourne, but can’t figure out what the difference is? No problem, here’s all you need to know.

What are Buyers Advocates?

A Buyers Advocate is an independent professional who specialises in locating, assessing and negotiating the purchase of a property on behalf of a buyer.

Generally speaking, a Buyers Advocate does not work for a Real Estate Agency.

Being 100% independent, a Buyers Advocate is not beholding to &/or biased towards a Real Estate Agency and their respective listings.

For a property buyer, totally independent advice is the best starting point when finding and buying your perfect property.

What does a Buyers Advocate do?

Firstly, a Buyers Advocate does the research, due diligence, and the legwork to locate your ideal property. This also involves sourcing off-market properties.

Then, a Buyers Advocate accurately values the property, organises building and pest inspections, and conducts a review of the Contract of Sale and Section 32 Vendor’s Statement, (which tells potential buyers certain things about the property they should be aware of before signing a contract to purchase), with your Solicitor or Legal Representative.

A Buyers Advocate then negotiates the very best price possible with the most favorable conditions.

How much does a Buyers Advocate cost?

If you’re considering engaging a Buyers Advocate, cost is always an important consideration. It’s vital to understand how much to pay a Buyers Advocate and whether they’re worth the investment.

There are many reasons you may consider using a Buyers Advocate. This might be quite simply saving you time and money. It could quite easily be protecting you from getting carried away with bidding at auction.

Experienced Buyer Advocates also employ tactics at auction to place them in the box seat. A Buyers Advocate is also a licensed Real Estate agent, or should be, therefore this offers further clout when negotiating with a selling agent. Another reason to employ a Buyers Advocate is their access to “off-market” properties.

If a Buyers Advocate isn’t able to clearly justify their experience and worth you may have doubts to run with them. However if you can find a quality Buyers Advocate who can save you time & money their costs are usually justifiable.

Depending on the level of service required, a Buyers advocate may charge either a set fee or a percentage of the purchase price. Most Buyer Advocates also charge an additional fee known as an engagement fee. This fee usually varies anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 and is rebated back from the success or acquisition fee.

What is a Buyers Agent?

Traditionally a Buyers Agent is known to work in tandem or alongside a Selling Agent within a Real Estate Agency, often as a company team member.

What does a Buyers Agent do?

A Buyers Agent normally concentrates on the Real Estate Agency’s listed properties and specifically deals with buyer enquiries.

This frees up the Selling Agent’s time so that they can focus on appraising and listing properties.

What are a Buyers Agents fees?

A Buyer Agents fee is a percentage taken from the Vendor’s commission paid to the Real Estate Agency.

For example a Real Estate Agent working for a Real Estate agency who acts as a Buyers Agent &/or who introduces a buyer to purchase the vendors property will be rewarded with a fixed percentage from the commission.

What’s the difference?

A Buyers Agent working for a Real Estate Agency walks a fine line between the property seller (Vendor) their company is acting for and the enquiring buyer, knowing that the buyer may also require assistance to sell their existing home after they have purchased.

This presents complications. For example, a particular seller may have higher expectations than the selling agent, but if they want to achieve a sale, they may find themselves inadvertently negotiating more for the buyer’s interests, and a more realistic lower sale price.

So while a Buyers Agent has to keep the interests of the Real Estate Agency in mind, a Buyers Advocate is not beholding to &/or biased towards a Real Estate Agency and their respective listings.

For a property buyer, totally independent advice is the best starting point when finding and buying your perfect property. Being 100% independent there is peace of mind in the knowledge that a Buyers Advocate works independently of an agency and serves only one person’s interests. Yours.

Buyer Marketing – Melbourne’s most experienced buyer advocates are your winning edge in property buying.

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