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Before we start searching for your ideal property, there’s important groundwork to be done!

The first step is for Buyer Marketing to take a full brief to find out the exact definition of your ideal property – likes, dislikes, budget, must-haves and so on.

Then we conduct a thorough analysis of recent sales comparable to the property you so desire – which helps us determine if your property criteria and budget are compatible with current market conditions.

We also examine properties currently on the market and using genuine past sales – not the agent’s quoted price – as a guide, determine what these properties are likely to sell for.

Once this research is complete, the search for your ideal home or investment begins!

There are two key ways we search for property: on market and off market.

On market

Properties available ‘on market’ are visible and promoted to the general public. These are the ones you’ll find on major real estate internet portals like realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, and those the selling agent will tell you about if you contact them directly.

In many cases however, the volume of properties advertised and inconsistencies in how they are described and priced can make it both confusing and time consuming to search.

As your buyers advocate, Buyer Marketing does the legwork for you, creating a shortlist of properties that accurately meet your criteria so you don’t waste valuable time sifting through information and calling agents in your search for the ideal property.

Off market

Many properties are sold without ever being advertised.

Commonly known as ‘silent’ listings, these properties bypass the usual marketing and auction process. This can occur for several reasons, including:

Pre-market opportunity

Agents invite other real estate industry professionals like us to view the property before a campaign begins.

In-house referral

A sales agent may introduce the new listing to their property management department, inviting inspection by current landlords.

Quiet sale

Sometimes a property owner wants to sell without making it public knowledge. This might be to avoid family conflict or curious neighbours, or simply because they value their privacy. It could be they don’t trust the auction process, want to avoid advertising costs or have other financial pressures.

Direct approach

The selling agent may believe they’ll achieve a better sale result by approaching qualified buyers individually, rather than by advertising or selling at auction.


Once we’ve done our research, we can confidently recommend the best options for securing your preferred property type and style, in your ideal location, within your budget.

We’ll present you with a shortlist of properties that best fit these criteria and provide the greatest value.

We’ll also advise you on important considerations before you commit to a purchase, such as building and pest inspections, council development and zoning plans and any restrictions on the property.

Our evaluation contains a lot of facts and figures, but often the most valuable element is the insights we obtain during conversations with the selling agents – including the vendor’s circumstances, the agent’s own perspective and level of buyer interest.

Having great relationships and rapport with local agents means we get to the heart of understanding each property, so we can be your best advocate and help you make the most informed decisions.


Once we have your ideal property in our sights, we get to work securing it for you under the most favourable terms and of course, at the best possible price.

Successful acquisition demands direct and regular communication. And it begins the moment we first contact the selling agent.

Whether we’re buying your property off market, expression of interest, private sale or at auction we apply the same due diligence, persistence and focus to ensure we get the outcome you want.

Effective Negotiation

Whether you’ve already found your ideal home or investment and just want a professional to negotiate the purchase, or we’ve worked with you from the very beginning to find and evaluate your property, it’s at the point of negotiation where having an expert on your side makes the greatest difference to the final result.

We’ve spent years communicating on a daily basis with selling agents and are skilled in tough negotiations. We understand the techniques and strategies they typically employ to satisfy vendor (and their own) objectives, and will not hesitate to press them for information that helps us protect your interests and negotiate the best outcome.

Auction Bidding

Buying property at auction, like any method of property purchase, is not something most people do every day. Yet in the inner suburbs Melbourne, it is the most common type of sale.

Fear of overpaying, losing your nerve in the moment and missing out on your dream property can make it seem daunting. But auctions are not something to be afraid of.

Being the successful bidder does take knowledge, skill and experience. And that’s where we can help. We have a thorough understanding of the rules of public auction and your rights, and have a range of bidding strategies to match the tactics of any selling agent or auctioneer. We’ve actively participated in more than a thousand auctions around Melbourne, gaining invaluable firsthand insights into the market, local agents and most importantly, how to make sure that when the hammer falls, you’re the one celebrating!

We also make sure we’re fully informed and prepared before the big day. Whether we’re assisting you solely to purchase or have been involved from the start, we identify the property’s true worth, vendor expectations (including likely reserve price) and the level of buyer interest, so that when auction day comes, all that’s left to do is focus on the winning bid.



    “Working with Peter to buy my first home was one of the best decisions I made. I instantly felt at ease and had a great rapport from our first meeting and really did trust that he had my best interests at heart. In a very competitive market I was struggle but Peter was an absolute gun and through some incredible negotiations locked down my dream home within a month of us starting the search. It was a collaborative effort and even though I chopped and changed locations we got it spot on in the end! I’m over the moon. Thank you Peter!”

    S Woods, Chelsea


    “I engaged Peter’s services as a first home buyer who was nervous about purchasing on my own. The experience that Peter brought to the table really put me at ease and made the whole process seem very effortless. He provided me with all the information I needed, walked me through each step, guided me when I wasn’t sure and really listened to my needs and concerns. Having Peter communicate and negotiate with real estate agents on my behalf also took a lot of pressure off of me. He knew what questions to ask and, if needed, when to keep pushing. About a month after contacting Peter, I purchased a property that I absolutely love. I really don’t think I would have done so without all of his help and assistance. I highly recommend his services.”

    J Nguyen, Noble Park


    “Peters‘a services were crucial is securing our first home. We can’t thank you enough Foxy!”

    A Beasley & D Giannini, Coburg


    “Peter made the process of buying an investment property so much easier, in fact I have no doubt we’d still be looking if we tried to do it ourselves. Peter’s enthusiasm, integrity and industry knowledge meant the process was stress free for us, especially not having to negotiate with the vendors agent to secure the purchase. We’d highly recommend his services for anyone looking to buy.”

    A & M Harrison, Brunswick


    “We did have a wonderful experience with Peter finding our home, in Bentleigh, in a very competitive and tough market. Peter had given us advice and at the same time being careful and always taking into account our feedback. We were new into de realestate market and his vision and experience of the field were proven invalueable. It will require a bit a trust and sometimes a bit of mind shifting but Peter will get you there. 5 stars for his services.”

    V & E Rodriguez, Bentleigh


    “We are first home buyers during the crazy house buying season post covid where house prices were sky rocketing. Peter was honest and open about our options and inspected all the houses we suggested. He was even better than the real estate agent in looking after us! It only took us a month after engaging him to find our first home and it was within budget and within our tight criteria too. Always on time and in constant communication, even through to our final inspection which happened during the fourth lockdown. Will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to be led through the whole process without the stress of negotiating or time to go to hundreds of inspections.”

    H & H Mallen, Noble Park


    “Peter. What a life saver. We were first time buyers, and to every question, Peter had a wealth of knowledge to share. He came with us to inspections, called or emailed every day with updates, negotiated offers with agents, and looked after us every step of the way. He even found an off marked property, in the middle of the housing boom, and negotiated a better price than we had dreamed of. What made us trust Peter was when he told us no. Steering our hopeful eyes away from structurally unsound places. Steering hopeful hearts away from negotiations that had exceeded our budget. Steering us into our dream home at the end. Thanks Peter!”

    D Cowan & R Maier, Cheltenham


    “It is with great pleasure that I recommend Peter’s services as a buyer’s advocate. Peter’s help in purchasing our home was game changing. Before he officially started working for us, we did some initial research and turned up to house inspections. Very quickly – in an overheated, extremely competitive market – it became evident that we were completely out of our depth and made mince meat of by the agents. I have no doubt that the purchase of my home would not have happened without his help, or that I would have paid way too much. I have worked with advocates in the past, and Peter stands out as the most experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled. He was available virtually around the clock during critical times, consulting closely on a regular basis. His feedback and guidance in the process was well balanced. He provided expert guidance where needed, while being careful not to influence me in decisions of personal taste, listening to and respecting my preferences. His ability to perform under pressure (indeed he seems to thrive on it!), and ability to handle my anxieties under pressure, were exceptional. On top of this, he is personally engaging, and a highly skilled negotiator. His passion and energy for his work are contagious, and his calm guidance and breezy good humour in the midst of a stressful process helped carry me through moments of doubt and despair. Perhaps the most impressive moment was the way he handled my sudden and unexpected “cold feet” at the eleventh hour. It became clear to me at that point that he was not trying to make a quick sale but truly wanted to get a result that I was happy and comfortable with. In a field of sharks, he impresses as a man of integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my closest friends and family.”

    V Halik, Safety Beach


    “Peter helped us acquire a wonderful first home within 9 days of us engaging him. He took into account our long list of criteria, was highly responsive and made the time to attend a last minute inspection. Peter calmly guided us through the negotiation process and attended the property with one hour’s notice to finalise the contract. Thank you Peter for making the process so smooth!”

    B & T Toholka, South Yarra


    “I cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Peter. He was an absolute pleasure to operate with and his direction and guidance was invaluable, helping to alleviate much of our anxiety and uncertainty. Peter was constantly on hand to answer any of our queries and we felt he completely understood what we were looking for. Ultimately, we found the perfect home thanks to Peter. We will definitely be looking to seek his services again in the future and would certainly recommend him to anyone considering to employ a Buyers Advocate.”

    J Moss & H Lewitan, Prahran


    “I am writing to say, that I found Peter Fox, my Buyers advocate, to be very professional and knowledgeable, he certainly knows his job. He found me, my perfect home. And with his bargaining powers,I was able to purchase the property, for a price that I was very happy with. Having Peter always on hand, gave so much confidence. I am so glad that Peter was on the house buying journey, with me.”

    M Allnutt, Aspendale


    “Thank-you Peter for your professional help in purchasing 1 Princess Street Richmond, all settled first meal on the floor. Thank you so much for your help in getting us our little dream home, wouldn’t have happened without you! Kind regards, Jon & Nic.”

    J Tyler & N Garland, Richmond


    “Peter’s professionalism in assisting us buying our house was invaluable. As someone who does not like “swimming with the sharks”, I was very happy with the way Peter engaged the Vendor agent and brought the purchase to fruition quickly and painlessly. For us it was money well spent.”

    N & C Croft, Croydon


    “My experience with Peter was that he was easy to deal with, motivated and excited by the chase! He helped streamline the process and take the stress out of bidding at auction!”

    F Newman, Northcote

  • R Stock & J Beltz, Fitzroy - Buyer Marketing


    “Peter Fox helped us buy a property in Fitzroy North through a process of “Expressions of Interest”. He was very professional and made the job of purchasing the property so much easier than it would otherwise have been. I believe without Peter’s skills we wouldn’t have been successful in our purchase. I would recommend anybody buying a house to speak to Peter first.”

    R Stock & J Beltz, Fitzroy

  • C Sobieralski, Richmond - Buyer Marketing


    “It was a pleasure working with Peter Fox from Buyer Marketing. He listened attentively and researched the areas that I wanted to buy my investment home. I gave his some starting research of my own and we went together on a journey of due diligence, where it became very clear to me what my budget could afford and clarified what was not possible. Given the choices available and during negotiations and initial offers he changed my mind on going too far in price, and diverted me quickly to the best offer on hand. Once the decision was made, he told me we had to work quickly. His vast experience was evident. There were now other interested parties and he was right to urge me to move quickly and with confidence. This house was one I actually found first, and I was the first person to see this house. The value I got from Peter was the confidence that Peter and I walked the same path together and did all our research and came to the best decision and moved quickly when we had to secure the house. I would highly recommend Peter if you are looking for a Buyers Advocate, due to his many years of experience and his attention to detail, where other very high profile Buyers Advocates that I spoke to before Peter, first were not listening to my needs, were not as experienced, and had little knowledge of the areas I was interested in, as if these locations were already way too close to the city to be in my price range. Peter just worked all around.”

    C Sobieralski, Richmond

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