The 5 top reasons to get a Buyers Agent on your side.

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5 Top Reasons For A Buyers Agent | Buyer Marketing Melbourne

Home buying is already an expensive process, so why pay an extra fee for a Buyers Agent to find, negotiate and acquire your property?

1. Experience that cuts through

Your Buyers Agent is an extremely well-informed professional. They know exactly what to look for and what to ask about – because this is their full time occupation.

They bring a non-emotional, constructive view to the buying process. You may have bought a home before and have a grip on what you’re doing, but your Buyers Agent is doing this almost every day. They’ll see drawbacks or faults about a property, or its terms of sale, that you may miss. And they’ll spot the benefits too.

That experience means you have a champion with you, in a market that usually has tough competition, with twists and turns.

2. Genuine local insights

A good Buyers Agent is well researched on the locations or suburbs that appeal to you and can advise you honestly and accurately.

They know when a property is overvalued, or for example, if there are developments in the pipeline in the suburb next door that make the buy a shrewd investment. They know the reality about all the numbers on the page.

You’re way better off when you’re guided by someone with an informed opinion.

3. They can be there when you can’t

You may be looking from interstate. Therefore having your representative there on the ground available for meetings and inspections is a must. You can trust a Buyers Agent to act on your behalf. And to attend to things you can’t.

4. Less stress for you

It’s very consuming work buying a property and having a Buyers Agent assist with much of it is a real blessing. You might be tied up with important work or life matters. Coordinating the schedules, negotiating traffic and fussing over fine print when searching for and nailing down the ideal property you’re after is frustrating.

One missed appointment or one missed late email, when you are trying to manage alone can mean you miss out on the perfect property.

A Buyers Agent is the partner who is out there, in business hours, working to get the property you want. They perform the tasks and filter all the information down to what you really need to know.

5. They have a valuable social network

A good Buyers Agent not only has strong relationships with local agents, but also with solicitors, mortgage brokers, building inspectors and tradespeople. You get your buyers agents knowhow, plus the knowhow of their whole network.

If the place you buy is in need of some renovation, or issues an expert inspector needs to look into, you will be quickly connected to the right people and the job will get done!

Finally, when you are buying an investment property, a Buyers Agent can also sort out an independent property management for you. This makes a smooth transition from buying to rental (because it’s in your best interests to find a tenant and have your property rented as quickly as possible).

Best tip of all – locate a partner you can trust.

Find a person who has a rapport with you. Someone you can trust and work comfortably with. You also have to do due diligence to ensure an agent doesn’t have vested or commercial interest in any properties they are recommending.

When you find the right ally, it can really make a big difference.

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