J Eddey & J Hollywood, Cockatoo

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“My fiancé and I have had an excellent experience buying our first home. We couldn’t have secured our dream first home without Peters guidance and expertise. What would have been an incredibly stressful and overwhelming process for my fiancé should we have tried to do this alone, felt so easy and stress free. Not once during the entire process did either of us feel stressed or worried. The thought of going through this process alone terrified us. However we had full confidence that with Peters help we would find the perfect property, in the perfect location for the perfect price and we did! We had also only been working with Peter for less than 4 weeks before we secured our dream first home! Peter is extremely hard working, thorough, knowledgable and professional whilst also being very relatable and down to earth. This was important to us as we did not know anything about this process and needed to be gently guided through the process. We felt at ease every step of the way! Thank you so much again Peter. It really means the world to both Jamie and I to have bought our first home and we are extremely grateful for your help. You’re really good at what you do Pete!! I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to buy a property, but particularly to first home buyers. Your service and support during this time was invaluable and extremely appreciated.”


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