What makes Buyer Marketing your expert Melbourne Buyer Agent?

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Buyers Advocate

We are a very experienced Melbourne Buyer Agent (also known as a buyers advocate) with a thorough knowledge of the complex and diverse Melbourne property market, and are expert in searching, appraising and then negotiating the most successful purchase possible of a residential property, for home buyers or investors.

As your Melbourne Buyer Agent we are passionate about finding the right property, about thoroughly knowing all the aspects of that property, about researching that local market, and of course – making the best possible buy for our client.

How we assist our clients

Buyer Marketing Buyer Advocates helps our clients avoid the amount of time, stress and emotion that is all part of the effort people have to pour into the home buying process, when they approach it alone.

Vendors engage an independent qualified licensed professional like Vendor Marketing Vendor Advocates (also known as a sellers advocate) to manage their home sale and use this leverage to try to gain the highest possible selling price.

Whereas with Buyer Marketing you have an independent qualified professional also a licensed real estate agent in the process, and we are in your corner, going toe to toe to get the best result for you, the buyer.

For example, if a property goes to auction, Vendor Marketing Vendor Advocates would use marketing strategies leading up-to auction day, and then, of course, during the bidding, to extract the highest possible sale price.

When you have an experienced Melbourne buyers agent on your side the odds are more in your favour. Buyer Marketing Buyer Advocates are familiar with all Real Estate Agent selling techniques, and we will use our own counter strategies to protect your interests. Our aim is to protect our client during the process and to retain as much control as possible, as a buyer, while purchasing the property. Ultimately, to secure the chosen property at the lowest possible price!

The type of properties we buy and who we buy for

Buyer Marketing Buyer Advocates works as Melbourne buyer agents exclusively. We understand the Melbourne market completely. We act for clients purchasing properties from $400,000 up to the multi-millions. 

We assist buyers from Melbourne, from regional Victoria or interstate, and from off-shore. We assist all types whether it’s family-home buyers, prestige-home buyers or first home buyers. And of course investors hunting Melbourne’s best investment opportunities. Let us put our knowledge and expertise to work for you. We approach every property as if we are purchasing for ourselves, with competitive passion, and with pride and satisfaction.

What is our process?

At Buyer Marketing Buyer Advocates we do the hard yards from start to finish, keeping our client updated and informed through every step of the process.

We can summarise this as three main steps:

The search

We save our client valuable time by doing all the research, due diligence and the legwork it takes to locate your ideal property. This includes properties that are selling off-market and not advertised in public. If any property coming up for sale is in the right location and category it will certainly be revealed by our research, and we will be able to bring it to your attention.

The assessment

Ourdetailed due diligence accurately establishes what a property is worth before the start of any negotiation. We also organise building and pest inspection, a review of the contract and of Section 32 with your solicitor or legal representative.

The negotiation

We apply the experience we have gained from many years of sales and purchases to secure the property for you, by negotiating the very best price possible with the best possible conditions.

Buyer Marketing – Melbourne’s most experienced buyer advocates have exceptional experience in property buying and a track record of success as Melbourne buyers agents.


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